It's about your journey

It's about learning to use your camera so you never miss the moment again - whatever that moment may be. 

Toronto Photography Courses

If you are looking for a truly unique experience that brings out the best in every one of our students, we encourage you to try out one of our photography courses.  Our hands-on, practical learning style is supported by science as one of the most effective ways to learn a new skill (Check out some of the resources we have used to design our courses here).

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Digital I - Beginner Photography Course - Course Date Options 


Time: 10am - 4pm on just one day

Location:  Private 3-hour sessions (all year) or join us in Mississauga

Upcoming Dates:

October - March: Create Your Own Course Date (3-hour session)

Sun. Apr 10, 2022

Sat. Apr 23, 2022

Sun. May 8, 2022

Sat. May 28, 2022

It's all about location!

We have some of the best, most interesting, most photographic spots to run our courses in. Read more!

Hey Burlington & Oakville - you guys are beautiful. We absolutely love offering our photography courses in some of the fantastic locations you have to offer.

Our Digital I - Beginner Photography course takes place in two locations depend on the season. During summer we hang out at the gorgeous Brant Street Pier off of Spencer Smith Park right on the lakefront in Burlington. This incredible location provides a great mix of scenery for us to enjoy, and who doesn't love hanging out by the waterfront for the day. Here we cover our core foundations of aperture, shutter speed and ISO as well as the various modes on your camera (Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual Mode). The backdrop is perfect for our afternoon activities of lens selection, distortion and compression, and composition. During winter, this amazing hands-on photography course heads over to the Royal Botanical Gardens to their indoor space where we get to stay warm, dry and still have lots of fun with our camera!

Our Digital II - Motion & Light course also resides at the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) during winter. This is an amazing location to experiment with action photography and also to explore the beauty of composition using light. We're going to help you turn your photography from "meh" to "wow!" by using exposure compensation, directional light, spotlighting and of course sunstars! During summer we embrace the warm breeze and head to Paletta Lakefront Park for some sunshine and outdoor fun.

Our Digital III - Landscapes & Travel course takes you to a couple of spectacular locations near the Burlington / Oakville area. Your first stop is Hilton Falls, a gorgeous 10 metre waterfall surrounded by 645 hectares of woodlands, hiking and general outdoor adventuring. Next up you'll be heading to Mount Nemo Conservation Area for a short hike to visit a lookout (or two)! These two locations are perfect for mastering water exposures, practicing with filters, and experimenting with different compositions to create spectacular landscape scenery. Be prepared for any adventure with this course.

Our People Photography course heads back to the RBG in winter, taking advantage of this gorgeous backdrop to experiment with posing, communicating and photographing portrait photos using natural light. In summer, you will get to enjoy the backdrop of Village Square or Paletta Lakefront Park. These locations provide a lovely variety of topics to use and experiment with in your pursuit of the perfect portrait photograph.

For our Night Photography course you'll be heading back to the wonderful Brant Street Pier. This location is amazing for capturing a variety of different subjects - from the ever changing light patterns of the Beacon (seriously, check out their schedule for lights here!), to light trails, zoom lines, light stars, sunsets, light painting and SO MUCH MORE! We absolutely love our Night Photography course and know that you will too!

The last of our 6 core courses, our Lightroom Photo-Editing course is one of our only stationary courses. This course takes place in one of a few locations we have in the Burlington / Oakville area - generally in a coffee shop so that you are well fed and caffeinated (if that's your thing) during the entire course.

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Where do we get our unique style from?

From research! We have carefully designed our courses to provide the best and most effective learning to all of our students – and we’ve done this by looking at the best research regarding teaching methods. Want to read where we got some of our ideas from? Here are just a few of our favourite resources regarding teaching theory:

  • Deans for Impact (2015). The Science of Learning. Austin, TX: Deans for Impact,
  • Principles of Instruction (2010), Barak Rosenshine, International Academy of Education, American Educator,
  • Cognitive Load Theory: Research that teachers really need to understand (2017), NSW Centre for Education Statistics & Evaluation,
  • Putting Students on the Path to Learning, A Case for Fully Guided Instruction (2012), Richard E. Clark, Paul A. Kirschner & John Sweller, American Educator).