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We've been around the block... A few times... For the past decade. It's safe to say we know what we're doing. Read on to hear more about who we are, and how we've helped over 7,000 students (and counting) how to use their cameras!

About Us

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Welcome to Learn Photography Canada

Learn Photography Canada offers some of Canada's best hands-on, and online photography courses. Our unique, interactive teaching style, coupled with our incredible customer support, and our dedication to each student's learning and growth sets us apart from our competition. Our mission is to create a space for photographers to learn, without judgement or pressure, and reach their photography goals, whatever they may be. 


Welcome, to a place where your passion thrives:


We love photography. It's really that simple. And in everything that we do, we want to help you find and nourish your passion for photography. We believe photography has the ability to transform our lives - to be fun first - and to help us reach our full potential as talented, creative human beings.


Mastery takes education. We want each and every person who comes through our doors (be it as a student, or a member of our community), to reach their photography dreams - whatever they are. So we put education first. We are here to help teach you - in a way that makes sense.


Photography connects people. We should know! In the 8 years we've been teaching people in our hands-on and interactive courses, we've grown a community of like-minded individuals who are always there to support one another. It's not a lonely journey when you're in the company of friends.

Meet Our Team

We hire our incredible photography Instructors based not only on their photography skill, but also their ability to translate their photography knowledge into clear, simple and logical steps so that they can effectively teach our content. 

Our Instructors undergo a rigorous training and assessment process so you know that wherever you are taking our course, you are getting access to the same, exceptional, product.


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David Benjatschek, Owner

David  is the owner of Learn Photography Canada. He has been behind a camera for over 20 years, photographing weddings, family and commercially for companies like Shell, On-Site Equipment and Cold-front. , Father of two beautiful girls, David loves the power of photographs to tell someone's story for generations to come. 

David joined Learn Photography Canada in 2019.  It was easy for him to buy into the  company's  vision of becoming Canada’s premier photography course company – helping to inspire a passion for photography in all individuals from all walks of life. As a leadership coach as well, David believes in the power of learning – in keeping our minds supple, exploring our creativity, and discovering something new within ourselves. Seeing the impact that these workshops had on people it was easy for him to make the decision to buy the company from founders Jana and James in February 2023.

He believes that Learn Photography Canada should be a safe place for beginners to explore without pressure, a place where students always feel supported, and where students can ask any and all questions they may have. He believes in providing exceptional customer service and wants every student to join the LPC family. 

Client Kudos:

Thank you, David Benjatschek . I never met an instructor like you who is so amazing encouraging, warm-hearted and caring so much for his students. I really loved working with you and I have great memories of our week in Ottawa. You cannot imagine what it means to me having taken the decision for doing photography here in Canada. I can live my passion  Best decision signing in for your course and super excited for next photography challenges.  Thank you!  - Kathrin H. 

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Norm Cattoni

Norm Cattoni is a freelance photographer living in Airdrie, Alberta. Norm has had a passion for photography for decades, which began when he used his first Kodak Instamatic 124 to capture family events. Over the years Norm has completed photography courses from the New York Institute of Photography along with various online courses. He has also become fluent in post-processing through the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Today, Norm primarily focuses on shooting night scapes and astro, landscapes, items in motion (water, grass, trees, clouds, etc.) and antique vehicles plus other subjects using his Canon DSLR. Norm also loves the challenge of photographing sporting events. Over the years, he has captured several events through the Alberta Games, such as baseball, kayaking, beach volleyball, BMX, and mountain bike racing. He has been recognized for his photo submissions in PhotoLife Magazine.

With the advancements in digital photography, complex equipment is now accessible to almost everyone. Norm became part of Learning Photography Canada in order to share his knowledge and love of the art of shooting pictures. He feels that every person should have the opportunity to understand their camera and have the ability to shoot their best photo every time.


Norm loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, Astro & Night Photography

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Jorge Luis Yrigoyen

A self described photography punk, Jorge’s photography style is as unique as it is interesting. His incredible wealth of knowledge and skill make him one of LPC’s very best Instructors.

Jorge loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, People, Lightroom I, & Night Photography

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Dillon Lowen

Dillon is a long time, self taught hobbyist who’s been fortunate enough to take his photography to the next level. He started shooting professional lifestyle and adventure photos and now his primary focus is on product photography and still life. He believes that photography is an art that demands a generalist practitioner, which makes it extremely accessible. He has a great passion for sharing his love of photography with the world!

Dillon loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, People, Lightroom

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Award Winning Customer Service & Experiences

You don't want to just take it from us, so here are some of the awards Learn Photography Canada has received. We're good - consistently good, and other people know it too.

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Travel & Hospitality Awards: Local Experience of the Year 2018 & 2019

Chamber of Commerce: Customer Service Award Finalist 2017

Chamber of Commerce: Customer Service Award Finalist 2016


We're born and bred in Canada and we're proud of it! Currently, can find our courses in 10 locations across Canada: Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton, Toronto, Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo, Burlington, Mississauga, Ottawa.