Calgary Courses

Join us in Calgary for our interactive and hands on photography courses. From beginner to professional, our Calgary offerings have you covered. See what's on offer below!

Courses offered in Calgary

If you are looking for a truly unique experience that brings out the best in every one of our students, we encourage you to try out one of our photography courses.  Our hands-on, practical learning style is supported by science as one of the most effective ways to learn a new skill (Check out some of the resources we have used to design our courses here).

Digital I Photography Course Date Options

Time:  10am – 4pm on just one day (date options below)

Location:  Eau Claire (April – October), Heritage Park (October – April)


January February March
Sat. Jan 18

Sun. Jan 26

Sat. Feb 8 – CLOSED

Sun. Feb 23

Sat. Mar 7

Sun. Mar 15

Sat. Mar 28


April May June
Sun. Apr 5

Sat. Apr 18

Wed. Apr 29

Sun. May 3 – CANMORE

Sat. May 9

Tue. May 12 – CANMORE

Sun. May 24

Sat. Jun 6

Sun. Jun 14

Mon. Jun 22

Sat. Jun 20 – CANMORE

Sat. Jun 27


July August September
Sun. Jul 5

Sat. Jul 18

Thu. Jul 23

Sun. Jul 26 – CANMORE

Sat. Aug 1

Sun. Aug 9

Wed. Aug 12 – CANMORE

Sat. Aug 22

Sun. Sep 6

Sat. Sep 12

Thu. Sep 17 – CANMORE

Sat. Sep 26 – CANMORE


October November December
Sun. Oct 4

Sat. Oct 17

Sun. Oct 25

Sat. Nov 7

Sun. Nov 22

Sat. Dec 5

Sat. Dec 12


Digital II Photography Course Dates

Time:  10am – 4pm on just one day

Location:  Calgary Zoo (all year round)

Upcoming Dates:
Sun. Mar 8

Sat. Apr 25

Thu. Apr 30

Wed. May 13 – CANMORE

Sun. May 17

Sat. Jun 13

Tue. Jun 23

Sun. Jul 12

Fri. Jul 24

Sat. Aug 8

Thu. Aug 13 – CANMORE

Sun. Sep 13

Fri. Sep 18 – CANMORE

Sat. Oct 10

Sun. Nov 8

Sat. Nov 21

Sun. Dec 13

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Digital III Photography Course Date Options

Time:  10am – 4pm on just one day

Location:  Canmore (April – October only)

Upcoming Dates:
Sun. Apr 26

Sat. May 23

Sun. Jun 28

Sat. Jul 25

Sun. Aug 23

Sun. Sep 27

People Photography Course Dates

Time:  10am – 4pm on just one day

Location:  Fish Creek Park (April – October), Heritage Park (October – April)

Upcoming Dates:
Sat. Apr 4

Sun. Jun 7

Sat. Jul 11
Sun. Aug 16
Sun. Sep 20
Sat. Oct 31

Night Photography Course Dates

Time:  8pm – 12am

Location:  Downtown Calgary near Chinatown (April – October only)

Upcoming Dates:
Fri. May 1

Fri. May 29

Fri. Jun 12

Fri. Jul 17
Fri. Aug 14
Fri. Sep 4
Fri. Sep 25

Lightroom Photo-Editing Course Dates

Time:  10am – 4pm on just one day

Location:  ActionEdge Business Coaching Offices (1835 20th Avenue NW, Calgary)

Upcoming Dates:
Sun. Mar 22

Sat. May 2

Sun. Jul 19
Sat. Sep 5
Sun. Nov 1
Sat. Dec 19

Flash & Indoor Photography Workshop Dates

Time:  6pm – 9pm on just one day

Location:  ActionEdge Business Coaching Offices: 1835 20 Ave NW, Calgary


Thu. Mar 12

Thu. Jun 18

Sat. Sep 19
Sun. Nov 15

Lightroom II Workshop Dates

Time:  6pm – 9pm on just one day

Location: ActionEdge Business Coaching Offices: 1835 20 Ave NW, Calgary


Sat. Mar 28

Thu. Jun 25

Sun. Sep 13
Sat. Nov 14

Macro Photography Workshop Dates

Time:  1pm – 4pm on just one day

Location:  Riley Park (April – October), Calgary Zoo (October – April)


Sat. May 16

Sat. Aug 15

Astrophotography Workshop Dates

Time:  9:30pm – 12:00am

Location:  Forgetmenot Pond in Kananaskis


Fri. May 15

Fri. Jul 31

Fri. Sep 11

Studio Photography

Time:  3 Hours

Location:  We come to you!

This Workshop is setup as a 3 hour Private Tuition. We will send an Instructor to your house to help you setup your very own home Studio or teach you more about the Studio that you have setup already. You can choose to rent studio equipment from us for the duration of the workshop if you don’t yet have your own. Book your course and then contact us to arrange for a time that is convenient for you.

Some of our amazing locations

We take great pride in holding our courses in amazing locations around the city. Here are just a few:


Eau Claire & Downtown Calgary

Courses held here: Digital I (summer)


Calgary Zoo

Courses held here: Digital II



Courses held here: Digital III


Reflected image of woman taking a photograph holding Nikon camera with blurry background

Heritage Park

Courses held here: Digital I (winter), People Photography (winter)


Chinatown & Peace Bridge

Courses held here: Night


Canmore Downtown

Courses held here: Digital I - Canmore

More About Our Amazing Calgary Locations

It's all about location! And we have some of the best, most interesting, most photographic spots to run our courses in. Read more!

We love Calgary for our Photography Courses. There are so many fantastic locations to choose from in this wonderful city, and we are so thrilled to be able to take our students to some of our favourites.

Our Digital I – Beginner Photography course takes place in two locations depending on the seasons. From April through to mid-October our courses take place in the Eau Claire / Princes Island Park area. This area is perfect for our students to practice all of the techniques they will learn about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Priority, Manual Mode, depth of field, composition, lens selection and so much more. During winter, our students are lucky enough to have an amazing hands-on photography class in the warmth of Gasoline Alley at Heritage Park.

Our Digital II – Motion & Light Photography course takes place at the Calgary Zoo year round. This is an amazing location for our students to learn more about action photography (who doesn’t love capturing penguins in the penguin plunge!!) and composition. We get to use the gorgeous filtered light of the exhibits to explore exposure compensation, to capture beautiful spotlight style photos and to enjoy the challenge of capturing the perfect sunstar.

Canmore provides the perfect backdrop for our Digital I – Beginner Photography course in Canmore as well as our Digital III – Landscapes & Travel Photography course. We get the chance to explore downtown, the river, meandering falls, spectacular lakes, and awe-inspiring mountain scenes.

Our People Photography course takes place either in the warmth of Gasoline Alley again or during summer in the beautiful and varied landscape that is Fish Creek Park. Both locations provide so many wonderful opportunities to explore the art form of posing, communicating and using natural light during photo-shoots. This course is really your perfect first step into the world of Portrait Photography.

During our Night Photography course you’ll be exploring some of Calgary’s fantastic downtown energy – with stops such as the Peace Bridge, or the Wonderland statue (the enormous head outside the Bow Building), you will have so much fun being able to discover incredible night photography techniques such as light trails, light painting and of course spectacularly clear long exposures.

The last of our 6 core courses is a little more stationary… Our Lightroom Photo-Editing class takes place in one of a number of great venues that allows us to sit, eat, drink and (of course) spend the day editing on our computers. It is with the support of amazing organizations such as the Calgary Library and ActionEdge Business Coaching that we can run our full day photo-editing course.

Want to take all of these courses? Make sure you check out our Ultimate Bundle to see what amazing savings you can enjoy.

Where do we get our unique style from?

From research! We have carefully designed our courses to provide the best and most effective learning to all of our students - and we've done this by looking at the best research regarding teaching methods. Want to read where we got some of our ideas from? Check out our favourite resources below.

Here are just a few of our favourite resources regarding teaching theory:

  • Deans for Impact (2015). The Science of Learning. Austin, TX: Deans for Impact,
  • Principles of Instruction (2010), Barak Rosenshine, International Academy of Education, American Educator,
  • Cognitive Load Theory: Research that teachers really need to understand (2017), NSW Centre for Education Statistics & Evaluation,
  • Putting Students on the Path to Learning, A Case for Fully Guided Instruction (2012), Richard E. Clark, Paul A. Kirschner & John Sweller, American Educator).