September 10

Using the Spray Can Tool in Lightroom

Editing Made Easy – Using The Spray Can Tool in Lightroom

Lightroom is such a powerful program and is full of amazing, nifty, simple tools. This week we’re talking the Spray Can Tool  .

This tool allows you to very quickly copy organizational settings across a bunch of photos. It’s perfect to use if you have a bunch of keywords to add, you want to add stars, or you want to select specific photos using a different colour. We’re all about finding easier ways to use Lightroom, so here’s a few steps to get started with this awesome Spray Can Tool:

Step 1: Make sure you are in the “Library” Module, and you are in “Grid” view. (If you are stuck, go to the Library Module (selected in RED below) and then press “g” on your keyboard).


Step 2: Click on the Spray Can Tool to ‘pick up’ your spray can (selected in GREEN below).


Step 3: Select what you want to paint using the drop down box and the text box as required. In the first case, we want to paint the keywords Ayla & Christmas on to our photos. In the second case, we are painting the colour yellow onto a set of photos.


Step 4: Click on the photos you wish to paint these parameters to. You can click and hold down to select multiple photos at once, or just click on each individual photo. Note, you don’t have to press enter, or anything else – just clicking on the photo will spray those parameters on. Below you can see what our grid looks like now that we have painted the colour yellow.


Step 5: You need to return the paint can, otherwise it will continue to paint for you every time you click. To do this, just click on the circle selected below. You should see your paint can reappear there.

A couple of things to note: Your paint can will always store the last parameters you selected. So if you want to paint something different, make sure you change the drop down box BEFORE you start painting. Also, don’t forget to return your paint can at the end.

Give it a go and let us know if you find this tool useful! And that’s what we like to call editing made easy.


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