Edmonton has long been one of our favourite photography locations and we can’t speak highly enough of the incredible arts scene in this city! Home to some of Alberta’s most interesting institutions, like the Royal Alberta Museum, the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton has amazing photographic opportunities in both summer and winter.

We’re going to be exploring some of the cities best photographic spots, places that you can visit in summer and some awesome winter locations as well. We’re going to send you to spots that will help build your skills and get you out and about to some of the cities best spots! Don’t forget that if you’re ever struggling with getting the photos you really want, you can always join our fantastic photography courses in Edmonton and let us help you take your photography to the next level.

Our first tour is one that capitalizes on the peace and quiet of early morning photography. These four locations are spectacular in the soft light of the early morning and we can’t wait for you to grab a coffee and your camera and get out there! Let us know what you think and don’t forget to share some of your photos!!

Early Morning in Edmonton:

Location 1: Alberta Legislature Grounds

Edmonton’s gorgeous early morning photo-tour starts off at the beautiful Alberta Legislature Grounds. This is one of our all time favourite Edmonton locations to run our photography courses in the summer, and when you get there you’ll understand why! There are gardens, flowers and beautiful architecture, so there is always something to enjoy.

We recommend starting out with the legislature, taking advantage of the beautiful morning light, then wandering through the gardens on your way over to location #2. Remember sunrise is early and doesn’t last long, so be sure to get there just before dawn breaks to maximize your time!

And do not forget to photograph those incredible cherry blossoms. Remember that if you’re not getting the photographic results you want, you can always check out our Digital I – Beginner Photography course!

Location 2: High Level Bridge

Before the sun gets too high in the sky, make sure you’ve headed over to the High Level Bridge. It’s a lovely walk from the Legislature grounds, and the bridge provides plenty of lovely photographic opportunities (leading lines anyone?!).

It’s a great place to enjoy a site that you’ve always driven across, but never had the chance to stop and enjoy!

Location 3: Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart is a gorgeous location any time of year, and the best part is that there is always something spectacular to photograph both inside and out.

At the Muttart take your time strolling through the various pyramids. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for some gorgeous light contrast (the light always filters so nicely here!!) and make sure you stop outside to check out the Edmonton skyline too! During summer we LOVE running our Photography Courses here and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Location 4: Crawford Block Mural

Our last stop on this early morning tour of Edmonton takes us to the Crawford Block Mural! Now this one might be on the list predominately because it is very cool. It is a six foot storey painting with the head of a dog. In geometric shapes and bright colours – now that’s a site to see!

Stop on by the mural and don’t forget to stay a little while and capture some of the details in the Old Strathcona area. There are some neat buildings there that are fun to photograph in the right light too.

Thanks for reading the first of our photography tours in Edmonton! Don’t forget to check out our amazing Photography Courses as well – there is always more to learn and we can help you take your photography to the next level!

We’re always looking for inspiration for our next photography tour so if you have a favourite photography stop in or around Edmonton please let us know!!

Stay tuned for more and until next time – have fun!


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