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Taking you from photography zero, to photography hero, one day at a time.


To the world of hands-on, in person photography courses, where fun and learning meet to help you reach your photography goals.

Team, you are in the right place if you're looking for: 

  • An amazing, personal experience where we take care of YOUR journey, so that you can go from photography zero, to photography hero without any of the guesswork.
  • A simple path to get started on your photography journey. 
  • A place to feel connected, to enjoy your passion, and to feel understood (there is no question to big, or too small for our team of amazing Instructors). 
  • Incredible, small group, or one-to-one photography courses held in interesting places around YOUR city. 

Discover our Courses & Programs:

From a single, one day course, to our full LPC Photography Certification, we have the course or program that you are looking for. Our courses and programs are designed to take beginner, or intermediate photographers, and take them to their photography dreams. Choose an option to learn more!

Photography Courses

Dip your toe in the water:

From our Digital I - Beginner Photography course, through to our Advanced courses, we have a course that will suit all photographers. With 12 course offerings - 6 in person and 6 online, you will be able to find a course that fits YOU and YOUR JOURNEY. 

  • One day courses or 3 hour Private Tuition sessions to make sure you can explore your passion and fit it into your busy schedule.
  • Held in interesting locations in YOUR city so that you can put the tools in practice ON THE DAY and get instant feedback from your Instructor
  • Small group sizes (maximum of 8, but generally 4 - 6 students), or choose the 3 hour Private option for just you, and your Instructor.
  • Highly trained Instructors so that we ensure consistency across all of our courses and all of our cities. Wherever you are, you are getting access to the BEST.
  • FREE camera rentals - so if you don't have a camera, we'll bring one for you!
  • All ages welcome! Students under 18 can be accompanied by a parent who joins for free!
  • Access to online content post-course - so that you can watch the course again and again and again.
Course Bundles

Let us show you the way: 

Our course bundles are designed with the goal in mind. Want to take better family photos? Great! We have a bundle for that. Want to be an exceptional Landscape photographer? Awesome! We have a bundle for that too!!! So make sure you check these out, as bundling our courses together is the best way to get you to your goals, AND save you money! WOOT!

  • ALL of the benefits of our single courses PLUS:
  • Bundles of 2 to 6 courses together, saving you up to $300! 
  • Choose a single course or a bundle, and only pay the difference when you upgrade to a larger bundle.
Photography Certification

The badge of mastery:

Thinking you might want to take this professional one day? Or just want to be the very best photographer you can be? Our LPC Photography Certification is the way to go. In this program, you will take all 6 of our in person courses with us, and then have access to our 6 Advanced ONLINE courses to continue your learning. The best part? You can take this program in any of our cities.

  • 6 In person courses plus 6 Advanced online courses.
  • Access to our LPC Certification Assessment where you will choose and submit a portfolio of 30 images for assessment.
  • Once successful, LPC Certified Photographers receive: e-badges to use on your website, promotional material, social material and more; a printed certificate to hang with pride; listing on our website (view our Certified Photographers listing HERE); features on our social pages, blog posts; and so much more!

Why choose Learn Photography Canada?


Our one day courses are the best way to explore your passion without it getting in the way of... LIFE!


Need to change a date? Need to find a different location? Want a weekday course instead? We can do that!!


We take our support very seriously - if you need something that we can help with, we are 100% there for you!


Even when you're done, you're not done! With ongoing access to our communities - you are NEVER alone.


Learning isn't meant to be a chore! (We have enough chores in our lives, right?). Our programs are both educational AND fun.


We value providing the same, exceptional quality in every location, for every course - which means that we have some of the best trained Instructors in the business.


Hands-on MATTERS! We have amazing exercises, and our courses are interactive. You'll need to empty your SD card, so you can spend the day filling it up again.


It's about YOUR journey, and from the very beginning we are here to get you to YOUR goals. Whatever they may be. 


It's about YOUR journey, YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR passions - we are here for YOU, and helping our students reach their goals is what we truly love to do. Helping you is OUR passion. 


And remember, if you can't dream it,

you can't do it...

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Tina Quinn

Alumni, and LPC Certified Photographer

"LPC is a hands-on, easy going but extremely helpful group of instructors who take a lot of time in showing you how to improve your skills. The courses are out and about in Calgary and surrounding areas. I really enjoyed time spent learning how to use my camera and the tips I learned in photo composition. The feedback and support after taking a course is amazing! I highly recommend LPC."

Vivian S.


"I have no previous camera or photography experience other than my cellphone, and decided to take the digital 1 course to learn the basics. The course was a great mix between text book and hands on. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The attention to care and customer service before, during and after was also phenomenal, Jana was super awesome to deal with. I highly recommend Learn Photography to anyone who is interested in getting more out of their camera as well as elevate their knowledge in photography."

Cynthia P.


"Fantastic Course! The Digital l course was in Canmore with stunning scenery and tons of areas to take amazing photos. The instructor was very knowledgable, personable and took the time to walk you through all of the instructions. I loved the course so much I signed up for Digital ll and Lightroom. I would highly recommend this course to others that are just starting out or would like a refresher. Thanks Jana and team."

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