It's about your journey

It's about learning to use your camera so you never miss the moment again - whatever that moment may be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our frequently asked questions below – hopefully the answer you are looking for is here! If not, please feel free to call us (1-888-734-2641), chat with us (chat button below), or drop us an email (hello@learnphotographycanada.com) – we’d love to help out!

What kind of camera do I need for your course?

Anything with a manual mode is great for our courses – so this includes all DSLR cameras (i.e. ones where you can take off the lenses), bridge cameras (you can’t remove the lenses but there is an M on the mode dial), or mirrorless systems (these are awesome and as long as you can select an M mode – or if you’re using a Fujifilm, as long as you can change your shutter speed, aperture and ISO, you’re good to go). If you don’t know, just chat with us and we’ll double check for you!

Unfortunately you won’t get a lot from our course if you bring a phone camera or simple point-and-shoot system. BUT you can rent a camera from us for free!

How long are your courses?

Our courses generally run over one day, from 10am to 4pm on the weekend – so either a Saturday or Sunday. One day keeps them convenient for you and means you’re not running all over the city multiple weeks in a row.

Where are your courses?

Locations vary depending on city and course, but if you’re looking for specifics, please feel free to check out our Locations pages (see heading above) or, if you’re already registered, our Support page. On these pages you’ll find everything you need regarding locations.

Are these courses good for teenagers or kids?

Yes! We’ve had students as young as 10 join us before with great success. We also offer a parent to join them for the day for free (as long as the parent is ok to cover their own admission and lunch – we have everything else!).

Can I rent a camera and how much does it cost?

Yes! And it’s FREE! But we only have limited quantities in each city, so be sure to add your rental request to your order (just in the Notes section when you check out). Missed this part? No problem, just drop us an email and we’ll put you down for a rental.

I have dietary requirements, can you accommodate me for lunch?

Yes! No problem at all. Again just let us know when you check out, or drop us an email and we’ll make note of your needs. \

What dates do you have coming up?

Soooo many – seriously… Check them all out by clicking on the link that says “Locations & Dates” and selecting your city. Or you can see them on our Photography Courses page too!

How many people in a class?

We cap our classes at 10 – so they’re nice and small. Generally classes run at around 6 people.

Do you have a minimum number of people, and if so, what happens if there are not enough people?

We set our minimum at 4 people for each class. We will always do our very best to make this number. If we don’t reach our minimum, we will contact you between 24 and 48 hours before the course notifying you that we need to reschedule. We will provide you with a bunch of upcoming dates and if none of those work, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs some other way. Fear not! We have the answers and we just about always manage to get your course in.

What happens if it rains / snows / hails / massive volcano erupts…

Weather happens… Especially in our dear old Canada. Most of our winter courses are held indoors, so that’s ok, but we also have a weather cancellation policy that you can read here. Please note that if we need to postpone your course due to weather we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your needs with future dates. We’re really very flexible.

I need to reschedule, what should I do?

That’s ok! Drop us an email and we’ll get your date changed. If this change is less than 48 hours before your course, there will be a $50 rebooking fee.

I want to choose a date for a course I booked – how do I do this?

Easy peasy! (Seriously, pick a harder question next time ;)). Just drop us an email with your name, your course and your chosen date and we’ll get you registered here.

I’m interested in being an Instructor…

That’s great! Please drop us an email with your resume and a brief cover letter. If we’re hiring we’ll definitely get back to you with our Information Package.