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LPC Certification

$2,685.00 – or $270.00 / month for 12 months

Take your photography passion all the way with our LPC Certification! In this certification you will complete 8 of our hands-on photography courses and workshops, submit your portfolio for review and assessment and get a structured start to your very own photography company. Our Certification will give you the tools to become a well rounded photographer who can tackle almost any situation with confidence. Get started on your new career today!

Our LPC Certification Includes: 


What You Will Receive: 

Once your portfolio has been assessed and approved, you will receive:

  • Once you have successfully completed our LPC Certification program you will be able to promote yourself as an LPC Certified Photographer.
  • You will have gained a broad skill-set that will help you to be competent and comfortable in most shooting environments.
  • You will receive a printed and electronic Certificate
  • You will receive an exclusive badge to use on electronic communications, your business cards, your website etc.
  • You will receive a listing on Learn Photography Canada’s Certified Photographers Directory online promoting your business.


What’s Required of You:

  • Attendance at all 8 Photography Courses & Workshops over a 2 year period.
  • At the completion of these courses, you will be requested to submit your portfolio. This portfolio will consist of 30 images and will be assessed by the Learn Photography Canada team. If your Portfolio is deemed acceptable, you will receive your LPC Certification. If there are areas of improvement we will return the portfolio to you and request that you resubmit certain images (feedback will be included). You are then able to resubmit your portfolio for reassessment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your certification is the FIRST step in becoming a professional photographer. In addition to completing all of the requirements for your certification, you will need to invest many more hours in practice and skill development over the course of your career as a photographer. This is just the beginning…


What Comes Next?

  • Once certified, your next steps are to practice, practice, practice!! The more practice you do, the larger and better your portfolio becomes and the better chance you have of success.
  • When you’re ready for more, come on back and we’ll help you with the next steps in your journey – with our Studio Private Courses or our Astrophotography or Macro Photography courses.

Please drop us an email to hello@learnphotographycanada.com if you have already purchased this package and would like to schedule your course dates.