May 7

Your Questions Answered Webinar

Your Questions Answered Webinar

Thanks so much for joining us on our Your Questions Answered Webinar! If you missed it, fear not, you can find the complete webinar if you click on the big yellow button below.

And if you did join us, you can download the slide deck for future reference here:

And lastly, don’t forget this, please:

Photography is fun. It is an art that allows us to express what we like, capture who we love, and press pause on life for a moment. So if you’re feeling a little lost during these times, grab your camera and just press down on that shutter. It doesn’t matter if the photo is good, bad or ugly, this simple act of creative expression can help you relax, slow down, and enjoy the small moments of your life. 

We are so lucky to be here. 

Feel free to share this around – just copy this URL: learnphotographycanada.com/your-questions-answered-webinar/ and post it on your favourite social platform.


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