February 25

Where we get our unique style from

Where do we get our unique style from?

So you've been doing your research, and you've discovered that there are a LOT of photography teaching companies out there. Yep. It's true.

What you may have also noticed is that these companies come and go. Quickly. Most don't last for more than a few years - a flash in the pan. So how is it that Learn Photography Canada has been operating now for over a decade? 

One of the things you will quickly discover about our company is that we know how to teach. Sure, we're also great photographers, but our courses and teachings have been structured in a way that will actually help you learn, not just show you lots of pretty pictures and diagrams. 

So where do we get this unique style from?

From research! We have carefully designed our courses to provide the best and most effective learning to all of our students – and we’ve done this by looking at the best research regarding teaching methods. Want to read where we got some of our ideas from? Here are just a few of our favourite resources regarding teaching theory:

  • Deans for Impact (2015). The Science of Learning. Austin, TX: Deans for Impact,
  • Principles of Instruction (2010), Barak Rosenshine, International Academy of Education, American Educator,
  • Cognitive Load Theory: Research that teachers really need to understand (2017), NSW Centre for Education Statistics & Evaluation,
  • Putting Students on the Path to Learning, A Case for Fully Guided Instruction (2012), Richard E. Clark, Paul A. Kirschner & John Sweller, American Educator).

Now it's your turn to get on board. Check out our Photography Courses and get started on your incredible photography journey today!


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