It's about your journey

It's about learning to use your camera so you never miss the moment again - whatever that moment may be. 

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Do it all with our Ultimate Bundle!

Our Ultimate Bundle includes all 6 of our fantastic core courses: Digital I – Beginner Photography, Digital II – Motion & Light, Digital III – Travel & Landscapes, People Photography, Night Photography, and Lightroom Photo-Editing. This package is designed for photographers who want to learn it all and immerse themselves in everything that photography has to offer. It’s also the perfect starting point to launch into our full Certification Programs  if you’re based in Calgary. This bundle includes 6 full days of all-inclusive training and small groups, with our BEST discounts (only $185 per course – usually $235!).

$1110 or $100/month (for 12 months)

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7. Continued Learning

Once you have completed your Digital I course you will be given access to our Online content. Here there are over 3 hours of videos matched to the style of our courses. It’s like taking your Digital I course all over again. Access is free for life. This amazing resource was developed to support YOUR journey. 

5. This Package Includes

This package includes so much more than just our courses. You will also receive:

1. Free access to our Online content for life (see above)

2. Opportunity to repeat either course for just $29 – available whenever a course is running.

3. Your LPC Photography Certificate which will be sent to you in electronic copy along with a badge to use in your own email communications.

4. Access to our exclusive Alumni club. This is your space to ask questions, gain feedback, share your photos and stories and unlock access to exclusive promotions and contests.

5. Access to award winning post-course support. This means that you can ask us anything, anytime. We’re here to help you on this journey and we remember that learning is meant to be fun and frustration free!

In every course, we always include admission, lunch, course notes and free camera rentals – so you don’t need to worry about the details.