It's about your journey

It's about learning to use your camera so you never miss the moment again - whatever that moment may be. 

Become a Certified Photographer

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself, doing something you love, then this program is for you.

Our LPC Certification program includes 12 in person and online courses to ensure your technical skills are second-to-none; a portfolio review; and an opportunity to change your life. Once you have successfully completed your Certification and your portfolio submission has been approved, you will receive a certificate, ready for framing, exclusive LPC Certified badges to use on your new website or email signatures, and a dedicated listing on our LPC Certified Photographers Directory online. This program will get you set up with the skills to start your own photography career.

$2497 or $247/month (for 12 months)


What our students have to say:

"In a world where the photography market is incredibly saturated this certification helps me stand out from my competitors."

"Through the LPC classes I have been able to learn the skills I needed to develop my photography business and set myself apart from others. 

The process of completing this certification was also very valuable as it helped me to take a deep look into my photography business and who I am as a photographer and what my goals are with my business, the feedback provided was also extremely valuable as I continue to grow as a photographer."

Stacey is the owner of Ramblin’ Rose Creative, an Alberta based photography company specializing in western life and business branding photography. Check out more of her work here: www.ramblinrosecreative.com

Stacey Domolewski

Owner, Ramblin' Rose Creative & LPC Certified Photographer

View Stacey's Work

"The hands-on approach while wandering around in various locations is second to none."

"I was a complete novice three years ago when I took my first course with Learn Photography Canada. I didn’t even know how to put the lens on my new DSLR camera! Since then I have taken multiple courses with LPC and would highly recommend them, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

The instructors are friendly, always encouraging, while helping you to the next level. I have learned so much since that first day, so much that I am now certified by LPC. If you are looking for a certification program that will give you the skills for your own photography business, look no further.

The community you enter with this company is full of photographers willing to help you in any way, whether you need a question answered or would like to practice with one of the members. You don’t just take a course with LPC, you join a family of photographers with the same passion you have who will walk with you beyond the limitations of a class."

Tina specizlies in Landscape photography, and uses her Certification to fuel her passion for photography. Take a look at more of Tina’s work on her LPC Certified Photographer Listing here.

Tina Quinn

LPC Certified Photographer


"Learn Photography Canada has made a huge impact on my photography business."

"The courses offered have taught me many key elements, and getting my certification has been the best decision.

I have gained the confidence needed to grow my business and learned how to turn my passion into a successful profession. 

I highly recommend going through this process and becoming a certified photographer through LPC."

Crystal is the owner of Pink Black Photography, and Upscale Boudoir Photography. She specilizes in family and wedding photography, as well as classy boudoir! Check out more of her work here:


Crystal Sander

Owner, Pink Black Photography & LPC Certified Photographer


Why Choose Learn Photography Canada for Certification?

What sets us apart from a traditional learning Institution like a college or university?

What’s your photography goal? To one day start your own photography business AND book clients? Our Photography Certification program is the place to start. In our certification you will learn the essential photography and business skills to build your portfolio – and the best part is that with our wonderful hands-on courses in great locations you will be able to build your portfolio as you go.

This is the program for people who want to make photography a part of their lives – we’re flexible, convenient and proven (have you checked out our certified photographers yet?). Our certification program is amazing value, and is designed to give you all of the tools you need to build your portfolio – because as a photographer your portfolio is how you get work. We’re about fitting in with your life and making it not just achievable, but also FUN! Because who doesn’t want work to be fun.

At the end though this journey is about you.

So read up on the differences between our program and going to a traditional institution, and then choose the path that works for you.


Step 1: Complete the Basics

As a professional Photographer you will need to take photos under all sorts of conditions. Your path toward Certification starts with the completion of 6 of our fundamental Core Courses, which will set you on your way to producing beautiful photographs.

The courses included in this phase of the Certification are:

Digital I – Beginner Photography
Digital II – Motion & Light
Digital III – Landscape & Travel
People Photography
Night Photography
Lightroom Photo Editing

Step 2: Take Your Skills Pro

In this Phase, you’ll refine your skills and reach the level of Professional. Here you will join our online and interactive Photography Mastery Program, and meet multiple times each month as part of an incredible cohort of Mastery students. The following is included in this unique and world class program: 

  • 6 months of interactive online group learning
  • 6 photography projects to help hone your skills
  • 6 ADVANCED Photography Courses:
    • Astro Photography
    • Macro Photography
    • Flash & Indoor Photography
    • Lightroom II
    • Intro to Wedding Photography (optional)
    • Business Skills for Photographers (optional)
  • LPC Photography Certification Assessment
  • Exclusive, lifetime access to our Mastery community, a community of likeminded photographers on track to reaching their photography goals.

Step 3: Assessment

Once you have completed your Core Courses and Advanced Workshops you will be invited to submit your portfolio for assessment.

This portfolio must consist of 30 images and must demonstrate a good grasp of a variety of skills and techniques. You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in shooting a wide variety of subjects in a number of conditions. 

Your portfolio will be assessed by the LPC team and this will form
the basis of your Certification accreditation.

To ensure you reach your full potential, you may be rquested to
re-submit certain parts of your Portfolio before certification is

Step 4: Certification

Once your portfolio has been approved, you will be granted your official LPC Certification.

This Certification will come with a printed certificate, a badge that can be used on your website, business cards, email signature, social media profiles etc, and a business listing on our website. 

Enter the world of photography with confidence in your abilities and the opportunity to start making money from your passion.