July 22

Photographing Storms

Photographing Storms

We love watching summer storms roll over the mountains or prairies. And there are few things more peaceful than falling asleep to the sound of rain.

If we’re being honest we love everything about summer storms, including the photo opportunities!

So here are 3 quick tips to taking awesome storm photographs. Make sure you’re subscribed to our 5 Minute Photo Fix so that you catch our next blog post on photographing lightning too!

Tip 1: Look for LIGHT first.

What makes a storm incredible is being able to see all of the details of the storm. So this comes when there is enough contrast between the system and the surrounds. You might see an incredible storm cloud, but unless there is enough contrast in the cloud to create detail or enough contrast between the cloud and the ground, your photograph will fall flat.

Contrast within the cloud formation
Contrast between the sky and the foreground

Tip 2: Add in a subject for SCALE

Scale is so important when it comes to photographing the weather. Look for a foreground or a subject that you can use to show your viewer just how big the storm that you are photographing is. This will help to make your scene seem more impressive and grand (because let’s be honest, some of the storms you see are HUGE!).

Tip 3: Be SAFE & Have PATIENCE

Not to be too obvious about this, but safety is key when you’re storm hunting. Conditions can change very quickly and while all is clear and sunny one minute, you may very well be standing in the middle of a hail storm the next minute. So be prepared to move to shelter quickly.

You will need to have an abundance of patience. Summer storms can move very quickly and you will have to pay close attention to changing light conditions. Be prepared to stop, setup and take a shot all within 30 seconds so that you don’t miss the perfect scene.

And remember – photography is all about having fun! So be safe, get out there and HAVE FUN!

Happy storm hunting.

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