Photographing Pets

There is nothing more enjoyable to pet parents then getting that perfect picture of your fur baby. Even for us photographers, getting an animal to stay still long enough is no easy task. Whether you want a cute snapshot of your pet in their Halloween costume, or want a beautiful pet portrait for the home, here are some of our best tips for getting the shots you want during your pet photoshoots!

NOTE: ALL of the photos here are from our incredible LPC Certified Photographer, Carlos Alanis. WOWZERS.

1. Time for Treats

Sometimes, distraction is the best way to get your pet’s attention long enough to snap a picture. Treats or your pet’s favorite toy are going to be your best bet at getting your pet to look directly at the camera. Hold the treat in the direction you want your animal to look, and begin snapping away. Make sure your furry friend gets a reward for good behavior!

2. Think Fast!

With pet photography, it is vital to think fast in order to get the best shots. Your pet is only going to have so much patience with a camera in their face, so take lots of images (and quickly) to better your chances of getting something good. Pets are known for their quick, unpredictable movements – so you never know what you are going to get.

3. Bring out the Leash

Nothing is wrong with leashing your pet if they refuse to stay still. If you have someone who can assist, have them stand out of the frame while holding the leash. Don’t have any extra human power? Simply try tying the leash to a piece of furniture. Give your pet some love, then start shooting! This is a great opportunity to practice your editing skills should you want to edit the leash out of the final product.

4. Human & Pet

Sometimes, our furry family members prefer to pose with their favorite human. Posing humans with pets is sometimes tricky, but with some preparation it can go smoothly. Show the family exactly how you would like them to pose (before bringing in Fido) so that everyone is prepared with their role in making sure the pet looks perfect. Don’t forget to capture the inevitable candid moments, as those usually end up being the best mementos!

5. Take Advantage of Nap Time

Catching your pet right after they have nap time is one of the best ways to ensure they are calm and collected. When your pet is sleepy and relaxed, they will be much more cooperative, making your photoshoot a bit more bearable. If you are slipping your pet into a costume for Halloween, let them spend some time (or even take a nap) in the costume so that they aren’t trying to rip it off when the camera comes out. Staying patient is the key to success with pet photography.

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