March 30

NEW! ‘ZOOM’ into Photography

‘ZOOM’ into a Photography Course

It’s here. At last! We have finally set up our photography classes to run remotely! That means that one of our fantastic photography classes can be running on a computer in YOUR, socially distant, home. Interested? Here’s how you can set up your Photography Course on Zoom:

Step 1: 
Choose the number of hours you would like. Please note these hours can be taken as a block, or split up into multiple, 2 hour sessions. Minimum purchase is 1 hour.

Step 2:
Complete your purchase. On checkout, add your preferred times and topics or course(s) you wish to cover to the NOTES section. Please note your preferred times are not guaranteed, but they will give us somewhere to start.

Step 3: 
Wait for our office to contact you to set up your session, introduce your Instructor, and give you details about logging in to Zoom. At this time we will also confirm with you what you would like to cover, and what equipment you will need.

And then of course, just have fun!

Want to have even more fun?

Our Zoom sessions can be run with up to 3 students at any time – why not invite a friend / family member? It’s a great way to connect with your loved ones all across the world and achieve something magical together.

Possible Zoom Photography Class topics include: 

For each of these recommendations, we suggest that you book 2 hours:

  • A simplified version of our Digital I class.
  • A simplified version of our Digital II class.
  • An introduction to landscape photography.
  • An introduction to photographing people.
  • A session about how to take better indoor photos (recommend you have completed our Digital I course first).
  • An introduction to flash photography (you will have needed to complete our Digital I course first for this).
  • A session all about composition.


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