Mississauga is home to some of our favourite photography destinations in the GTA! It’s such a livable city and we love that the community is so invested in it’s green space! So we’ve put together a few of our favourite spots in our Boats & Gardens tour of Mississauga!

Take your time to stroll through these lovely gardens (before the snow hits!!) and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses (quite literally). Take a picnic down to the harbour front and enjoy the serenity of watching the boats rise and fall on the waves in the harbour. With Fall well on its way now is the perfect time to get out there and capture some of the gorgeous changing colours and embrace the cooler air.

One other thing we’ve noticed about the Mississauga area is that despite these incredible sites, there are very few truly amazing photographs taken in this city – so you have such great opportunities to produce something spectacular – something no one has done before. There’s a challenge for you!

Don’t forget that if you’re struggling to capture the shots you’re really looking for, you can always join our fantastic photography courses in Mississauga. We’re here to help you and with our world-class Instructors we’ll have you taking the photographs you’ve always wanted.

The Boats & Gardens Tour of Mississauga:

Location 1: Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

Start your tour at the iconic Brant Street Pier. This amazing pier located just off Spencer Smith Park on the waterfront in Burlington provides a great unique photographic view point at many times of day.

Our tour starts off at our favourite Digital I – Beginner Photography location during the summer, the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens. These gardens are a wonderful backdrop for many events and also provide some great opportunities for detail shots.

Capture the vibrant colours of the garden beds, the sweeping trails, and of course don’t forget to captures some beautiful spotlight flower shots. Make it a challenge and see how many photos you can take of different flowers (and you can even try to name them all!). 

You could also bring your tripod and try your hand at some Macro photos – or just give it a go hand-held and see how many insects and butterflies you can capture. 

Photo Credit: a.vrscaj

Location 2: Kariya Park

Next up on our list is Kariya Park. This is our Night Photography location and we love these gardens because they are both spectacular and conveniently located near the city centre.

These are Japanese style gardens, so they contain a wonderful variety of species that you don’t see in many gardens. Don’t forget to spend some time outside the gardens as well as there are some great views of the city from here too. 

Photo Credit: YourSauga

Location 3: Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Our next destination is a lovely, rambling stroll through the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area! Once you get to the Marsh you’ll find a lovely network of trails and boardwalks that will give you a beautiful relaxing few hours as well as a number of great photographic opportunities. Practice your leading lines, lens distortion and framing – all concepts that we cover in our Digital I Beginner Photography course. 

Take some water with you here as there are up to 3km of winding trails for you to explore!

Photo Credit: u/snedex

Location 4: Port Credit

Once you’ve done a few wonderful gardens, spend some time down by the waterfront. We love visiting Port Credit and spending some time strolling around the sites. As a bonus there are also some great restaurants to enjoy down here so it might be worth stopping by for dinner (yum!).

Photo Credit: Jjj84206

Location 5: Lakefront Promenade Marina

Finally, to round out our tour head over to the Lakefront Promenade Marina. Sunset is a great time to visit this location as the colours of the setting sun provide some beautiful sights against the backdrop of the boats. It’s such a pretty location to try out some of our compositional elements – like the ones we cover in our Digital III – Landscapes & Travel photography course – converging lines, geometric shapes and foreground interest. 

Photo Credit: Studio Dominion Art

Thanks Mississauga for providing some incredible photographic opportunities right at our doorstep! And thanks to you for reading the first of our photography tours in Mississauga. Don’t forget to check out our amazing Photography Courses as well – there is always more to learn and we can help you take your photography to the next level!

We’re always looking for inspiration for our next photography tour so if you have a favourite photography stop in or around Mississauga please let us know!!

Stay tuned for more and until next time – have fun!


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