Congratulations Tina! Your photo of the Louvre in Paris was totally spectacular and definitely worth the title of WINNER of our Learn Photography Canada Alumni Black & White Photography Contest.

We have been lucky enough to have Tina on our Ultimate PLUS Package, which means she’s taken all of our 6 core photography courses. Tina started out as a very beginner and is now running her own travel blog! Take it away Tina!


I just took up photography last April for fun and, because I knew I would be travelling, I wanted to try to capture some of the beauty around me with my lens. I am partial to nature, architecture and macro photography. The photo of Le Louvré in Paris, is one of my favourites because of the lightning and the contrast between the modern and the old architecture side by side.

My first class was with LPC in April and was a bit crazy as I showed up in Banff with a point and shoot. I discovered about a half hour before class that I didn’t have a manual setting on my Nikon, and so, quick dash to Shopper’s Drug Mart and I was set with a Nikon with manual settings. I managed to survive that class and proceeded to take 4 more. I’m extremely grateful to Jana for her encouragement and patience every step of the way. I am still very amateur and have so much to learn, but I really look forward to each day I can spend practicing the craft.

If anyone is interested, you can read about my travels and see some of my photos at: https://justpassingthrough.life/travel-blog/. I’m not particularly proud of my website as I am still learning how to build it. It is a work in progress. I have signed up with a few stock photography agencies and am hoping to make a little money while on this journey of discovery and learning.

Thank you, LPC, for being such a huge part of my introduction to the world of photography. Your guidance and support is tremendous. This contest has been a wonderful opportunity for me. I truly appreciate it. 

Thank YOU Tina! You’re a truly inspirational student. See you again soon!

Tina’s winning entry:


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  1. Wowzers Tina!! Absolutely stunning image!! Big congratulations on a well-deserved win 🙂

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