September 17

Lightroom Shortcut Cheat Sheet – Part 1

Your FIRST Lightroom Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the first of our Lightroom Shortcut Cheat Sheets. These sheets are designed to be printed and put in a place that is nice and close to your computer. As part of our 5 minute photo fixes, we’ll be compiling these to help expedite your editing time and generally make your life easier. Practice each sheet in detail when it comes out so the techniques become second nature.

This week’s shortcuts are:

  • “G” – Library Grid View
  • “D” – Enter Develop for Photo Selected
  • “F” – View Photo in Full Screen
  • “CTRL (COMMAND) + SHIFT + ENTER” – Export Selected Photos

Organizing Keystrokes: 

  • “CTRL (COMMAND) + K – Add Keywords
  • Numbers “1 – 5” – Add Stars 1 – 5
  • Number “0” – Remove Star
  • Number “6” – Red Colour
  • Number “7” – Yellow Colour
  • Number “8” – Green Colour
  • Number “9” – Blue Colour
  • NOTE: If you hold down “SHIFT” when you press any number, it will automatically do that command (such as add stars or co) and then move you to the next photo.
  • NOTE: To REMOVE a colour, press that same number again. 

View and print your cheat sheet below! (Simply click on the image, right-click and save to downloads, then open and print from there!).

Happy Editing!

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