Ok so when you think Kelowna you think… Wine? Yes? We do too – and we love (love love!) a good winery!! But for our photographic tour of Kelowna we’ve decided to provide you with something a little left of centre… Welcome to our waterfalls and lookouts tour of Kelowna! 

Kelowna and the whole Okanagan are home to some wonderful natural sights and we are in love with some of the gorgeous waterfalls and lookouts in the area. This tour is designed to take you away from the traditional vineyard photos (which we love too!), and give you something a little different to enjoy. 

Don’t forget that if you’re struggling to capture the shots you’re really looking for, you can always join our fantastic photography courses in Kelowna. We’re here to help you and with our world-class Instructors we’ll have you taking the photographs you’ve always wanted.

The Waterfalls & Lookouts Tour of Mississauga:

Location 1: Knox Mountain Park

Stop number one is one of our Digital III – Landscapes & Travel destinations – Knox Mountain Park! Up here you’ll be treated to incredible views of Kelowna and surrounds. It’s a lovely place to explore (you could even take your mountain bike to mix things up).

Rising 300m above Okanagan Lake you will be treated to expansive views, a variety of wildlife and great places to enjoy both your camera and a picnic. Try heading up here at different times of the day for different lighting effects – you never know what you might capture!

Location 2: Crawford Falls

Our next stop takes us to the first of our waterfall destinations. Crawford Falls can be accessed via a 2km hiking trail (moderate to difficult). Now, the access trail is currently closed, but these falls made it onto our list because of their size and beauty and we want everyone to have this as a stop on their list for when the falls trail reopens! Bookmark this link and stay tuned, because gosh they are lovely. 

Photo Credit: Kelowna now

Location 3: Bear Creek Provincial Park

A local set of waterfalls that ARE open though are the falls in Bear Creek Provincial Park. This gorgeous provincial park is packed full of awesome hiking trails and a beautiful campground. BUT the best part for photographers are the falls that cascade along the creek itself. These falls provide the perfect opportunity to test out your ND (or neutral density) filters to see just how smooth and silky you can make that water. It’s a lot of fun to try out new techniques, and this is a great place for stretching your photographic skill!

Not sure what an ND filter is or how to use it? We cover this in our Digital III – Landscapes & Travel course – you even get to try them out!

Note getting the best look at the falls requires a bit of planning as the trail is unmarked on the official maps. Read more about access here and don’t forget to be safe when you’re heading off the beaten path! Remember – no photo is worth an accident. 

Photo Credit: Explore The Map

Location 4: Mill Creek Regional Park

Finally, head over to the meandering stream at Mill Creek Regional Park. Follow the trail along to the falls and take your soaking up all of the beauty this gorgeous natural park has to offer. Fall is the perfect time of year to visit as the leaves are changing and we encourage you to try some really fun compositional tools such as lens distortion, leading lines and framing here (really fun Digital I – Beginner Photography course topics!). There are so many opportunities to play!

Photo Credit: Leavetown

Thanks Kelowna for providing some amazing photographic variety right at our doorstep! And thanks to you for reading the first of our photography tours in Kelowna. Don’t forget to check out our amazing Photography Courses as well – there is always more to learn and we can help you take your photography to the next level!

We’re always looking for inspiration for our next photography tour so if you have a favourite photography stop in or around Kelowna please let us know!!

Stay tuned for more and until next time – have fun!


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