February 25

It’s all about location! CALGARY

It's all about location: 

Where we run our courses in Calgary

We love Calgary for our Photography Courses. There are so many fantastic locations to choose from in this wonderful city, and we are so thrilled to be able to take our students to some of our favourites.

Our Digital I – Beginner Photography course takes place in two locations depending on the seasons. From April through to mid-October our courses take place in the Eau Claire / Princes Island Park area. This area is perfect for our students to practice all of the techniques they will learn about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Priority, Manual Mode, depth of field, composition, lens selection and so much more. During the winter, we will organize private, outdoor 3-hour sessions with one-on-one instruction with our amazing instructors.

Our Digital II – Motion & Light Photography course takes place at the Baker Park. This is an amazing location for our students to learn more about action photography and composition, whether in our spring/summer group sessions, or during the winter in our 3-hour private sessions.

Canmore provides the perfect backdrop for our Digital I – Beginner Photography course in Canmore as well as our Digital III – Landscapes & Travel Photography course. We get the chance to explore downtown, the river, meandering falls, spectacular lakes, and awe-inspiring mountain scenes.

Our People Photography course takes place n the beautiful and varied landscape that is Fish Creek Park. This location provides so many wonderful opportunities to explore the art form of posing, communicating and using natural light during photo-shoots. This course is really your perfect first step into the world of Portrait Photography.

During our Night Photography course you’ll be exploring some of Calgary’s fantastic downtown energy – with stops such as the Peace Bridge, or the Wonderland statue (the enormous head outside the Bow Building), you will have so much fun being able to discover incredible night photography techniques such as light trails, light painting and of course spectacularly clear long exposures.

The last of our 6 core courses is a little more stationary… Our Lightroom Photo-Editing class takes place via Zoom, which allows you to attend this course from the comfort of your own home. We keep the class size small, so there will never be too many faces on your screen.

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