February 9

5 Tips on How-To Shoot Street Photography

Shooting Street Photography

Street photography consists of the candid, everyday life that goes on in the streets of our cities. This form of photography involves shooting people of all walks of life in their natural habitats. It could be a businesswoman with her coffee walking to work, a man waiting for his flight at the airport, or an interesting piece of graffiti in an alley. Street photography captures the everyday moments and people in society that would otherwise go unnoticed. Here are some tips on shooting street photography. 

1. Be Candid. 

Street photographers tend to shoot candidly. Therefore, their subjects usually do not know they are being photographed. This allows the photographer to capture natural moments that go on in everyday life, much of which we miss when in the hurriedness of our day. It may help to sit on a park bench or somewhere out in the open and simply observe life as it passes by you. Once inspiration strikes, begin capturing it from your unique perspective.When in public spaces, this is completely legal, however if someone asks not to be photographed – respect their wishes. It is also a good idea to ask permission before photographing someone’s children.

2. Look for Emotion. 

Photography is an art form in which emotion can be beautifully conveyed. Take time to look at people going about their business. Perhaps you see a happy couple in love and laughing, or maybe someone else on the phone getting bad news. When you can capture the raw emotions someone is feeling through their body language and facial expressions, it creates a stunning photograph that will evoke emotion among an audience.

3. Don’t Ignore Commonalities. 

Sometimes, you will find the most incredible detail within the most common items you see each day. Whether it is a street sign or litter on the street, start shooting and see what you come up with. Practice looking for the details in everyday things you pass, such as an interesting alignment of buildings or a window display that catches your eye. Sometimes the most common things make for the most interesting photographs.

4. Experiment with Black and White

As you explore different street photography, you will notice that it is very often shot in black and white. This is absolutely a creative choice to make when photographing, but it may be a god idea to at least experiment with it. Black and white photography provides a timeless element, bringing the viewer to focus on the subject more than other colorful aspects of the photo.

5. Experiment with Lenses

When it comes to street photography, there are many different lenses you may want to try depending on your style. It is not going to be perfect the first time, so keep trying different lenses until you have something you are comfortable with. For some, a zoom lens is preferred for shooting on the street as you don’t have to be too close to interact with your subjects. Other photographers prefer 35m or 50mm lenses. It all comes down to preference, style, and what you have access to. 

Now it’s your turn!

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