February 9

Giving Your Camera Some Love

5 Simple (& Quick!) Ideas to Make Photography Part of Your Daily Life!

Photography is just SO MUCH FUN. Right? Problem is, it's easy for the "fun" parts of our lives to be overtaken by the "must-do" parts of our lives. This post is all about setting yourself up for success, and expanding your love of photography by making it part of your every day life!

Each of these ideas are QUICK to implement and QUICK to do! So pick one, two, or even all five, and give it a go. Your camera will love you for it!

Idea 1:

Set a weekly reminder in your phone.

Idea 2:

Keep a photo diary!

Idea 3:

Do a photo challenge

Here's a link to our incredibly FUN 30 Day Photo Challenge!!

Idea 4:

Join a community!

Idea 5:

Just keep your camera (any camera) close!

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