December 23

Photographing Family During the Holidays!

Photographing Family During the Holidays!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We love the holiday season! Jana, particularly so - she so enjoys getting to play "Santa" - it makes having kids worth all of that effort. But taking photos at this time of the year presents some unique challenges. Here are our top 5 tips for taking better photos of your family during the holidays. 

You can download a copy of these tips here, and keep them along side you as the festivities start. 

1.  Make sure you have enough Shutter Speed:

This year especially, our holidays will be shared indoors! So it's more important than ever to make sure that our SHUTTER SPEEDS are fast enough to make sure our photos are not blurry (because you can't fix a blurry photo). So - open your aperture & increase your ISO.

2. Work your depth of field:

LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHTS!!!!! Having a nice shallow depth of field (blurry background) is the way to get beautiful Christmas light effects. So open your aperture and zoom in!

3. Use props!

You have adorable holiday-themed things around your home - so use them! Props are especially important to help with point #5 - so keep this in mind when you read on!

4. Watch your backgrounds:

WATCH THEM CLOSELY. And then do something about them. Some walls look beautiful in the context of the rest of your house, but when you put them on their own in a photo, they look awful (remember that white couch I mentioned? The one that isn't actually white?). So make sure you're thinking carefully about your backgrounds.

5. Keep it candid:

Photos are almost always better when they are captures of a moment. So keep your camera handy. This way, it's a quick grab when the fun starts and you can capture smiles, laughter, excitement and tears.

6. BONUS: Zoom in!

This may seem a little counter-intuitive, but we promise, you will capture some spectacular shots when you ZOOM IN. Why? Because you will be able to focus in on what really matters. ALSO, you will create BETTER blurry backgrounds when you zoom in (2 for 1 deal! yay!).


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