May 31

Summer’s looking up!

Summer 2021 is going to be amazing (COURSES ARE OPEN!)

Summer is pretty much here (right?)! We're SO excited about warm weather, but we're even MORE excited that life is slowly (but surely) returning to "normal". Cities all over the country are beginning to open up and as they do we are ready and SUPER excited to invite you back on course again.

Here's where we're at: 

  1. We are running courses in all of our locations, assuming there are no restrictions prohibiting this in place. Such restrictions include limits to the number of people gathering outdoors etc.
  2. We have made our 3 hour private tuition option available to everyone, all of the time. This option allows you to choose the date of your course and take out as a one-to-one session with your Instructor, and you will cover the course content in that 3 hour session.  If you'd like to use this option, please be sure to select this at checkout and we will be in touch to schedule your course.
  3. Summer is the BEST time to take a course as we have lots of great outdoor options that make keeping us all safe during COVID easy. They are ALSO fantastic locations to take beautiful photos during your course, and if tighter restrictions are put in place again, we're more likely to be able to run our small group classes outside - so it's a win-win (win-win-win-win-win!). What does this mean for you? NOW (yes now - because Canadian summers are SHORT) is the best time to schedule your course. 

Of course, your safety is our highest priority and we are always following Provincial guidelines, and for every course we still work with the following actions: 

  • Instructors and students are both required to wear masks at all times. 
  • 6 ft of distance is to be maintained where possible. 
  • Our instructors will frequently use hand sanitizer before, during and after the course. 

Finally, we just ask for your patience as things shift over the summer - restrictions will come and go, weather will be unpredictable, and our Instructors will get the sniffles at times (and yes, we will absolutely cancel a course if your Instructor is unwell). We will do everything in our power to make this summer of learning a brilliant, fun-filled and stress free one, we just ask for your good vibes and best wishes as we do this.

Now, we get it team, this is a lot to process, so remember you can ALWAYS reach out to us for more information and help booking your course or bundle: 


1-888 734 2641


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