March 13

Coronavirus Update


What Coronavirus Means For Your Courses

March 25th, 2020: LATEST UPDATE

Our commitment to protecting our staff, students and Instructors continues. To this effect, we are postponing all courses scheduled through to the 17th of April. We have contacted all students scheduled on these courses, and are working with each of you to postpone your courses to warmer weather.

What does this mean going forward?

Let’s see how the next couple of weeks go. However, we are very confident that our courses will start up again once the weather warms up and we move outdoors. We’re committed to providing each and every one of you with a safe and comfortable environment to learn photography – mental health and personal growth are so important, and to this end, we will do whatever we can to ensure that our courses run as usual as soon as possible.

So what should I do?

If you’re scheduled on a course, please just keep an eye on your email. For now, we are only rescheduling courses through to mid-April, and we will keep everyone up to date as the situation progresses.

If you’re looking to find a date for an upcoming course, or looking to book a course, please know that this situation will not last forever. We are expecting a large increase in the number of sold out courses we have in the summer months – so if you were planning to join us in summer, please book your dates soon to secure your spot.

We have a boredom preventer coming your way:

Being cooped up might start to get a little old, so we’re working on a way to help you pass the time and have fun with your camera. Stay tuned to see our online programming – coming to an inbox near you very soon!


While life is certainly unsettled right now, there is still much beauty surrounding us. We encourage you, when you need a break from all the news, to pick up your camera, and whether inside or out, enjoy taking some pictures. Challenge yourself to see the familiar in new ways, and remember to enjoy the sunshine.

March 13th, 2020:

LPC is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for all of our students. 

  • We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation in all of our cities and aligning our actions with government guidelines. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html
  • While public spaces remain open, we will continue to run our courses. To view courses that have been closed please refer to your LOCATION page. ALL COURSES ARE OPEN unless otherwise specified.
  • If you feel uncomfortable attending course at this time, we are happy to reschedule you to a later date, free of charge. Please provide us with as much notice as possible, so that we can provide the best experience for all of our students.
  • We request that any student that feels unwell in any way, from any condition stays at home. You will NOT be charged for any reschedules while we face this Coronavirus pandemic. 
  • After you have travelled (either domestically or internationally), we request that you wait for a minimum of 14 symptom free days before attending a course. 
  • We are requiring the same precautions to be taken by our staff and Instructors. 
  • We request that all students pay very close attention to their emails, as unfortunately, we may be required to postpone a course at the last moment. 
  • On course: 
    • Our Instructors will not shake your hands, but know that they are still super friendly.
    • Our Instructors will provide you with frequent opportunities to wash your hands. Please take advantage of these opportunities as they will help keep everyone safe. 

We will continue to update our students as the situation changes. But for now, we can’t wait to see you on course soon! Together we can weather this storm, and still learn how to be totally epic photographers. 


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