November 27

Christmas Gift Guide

The Definitive Christmas Gift Guide for the Photography Lover

Male or Female,  young or old, photography is a hobby that is accessible for just about everyone. So if you’re blessed with someone in your life who loves being behind the lens, this is the Christmas gift guide you need to read. We’ve tried to pull out options for all budgets and stages, so read on to discover what the perfect gift will be.

Best photography gifts over $500:

Gift Card

A gift card of any denomination to your local camera store is always (always) appreciated. This is a particularly good choice for a Christmas gift if you don’t know anything about photography (no judgement here).

New Lens

You’re pretty clever – if you can find a way to subtly ask your loved one what lens they might be shopping for next and why it’s so good (we’re sure you can disguise this as idle curiosity), then you’ll be fine with this option. Just keep in mind that $500 doesn’t buy you very much lens these days, and your loved one might take this chance to ask you for that $3000 option they’ve been longing for.

New Camera

See above. This photography gift option is great if you have the budget and the ability to find out exactly what they’re looking for.

Starter Kit

Shopping for someone who is as new to photography as you are? This may be the Christmas gift option for you. Under this category we have two great options for you to look for: Nikon D3400 (or latest D3000 series model) or the Canon Rebel T7i (or the latest in the Canon Rebel series). Both of these options generally come with a standard kit lens of the 18-55mm. If you want to be a little more fancy than this base-line lens option, consider picking up a 50mm f.18 lens instead. This lens is on our list of less than $500 gifts for a reason. They’re gonna love it!

Wondering whether you should choose Nikon or Canon? This choice does not require hours of research – they both manufacture incredible cameras. Look for the best deal and go with your gut – you really can’t go too wrong with this Christmas gift.

Nikon D3400 Kit

Canon Rebel T7i Kit


Photography Courses

Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, but really, if you want to give a meaningful, educational, fun Christmas gift to your loved one, then photography courses fit the bill. All the gear in the world won’t take an amazing photograph unless your photographer knows how to use it. Our courses are also a lot of fun, so not only will they learn something new, they’ll be entertained while doing it.

Check out our photography bundles

Best Photography Gifts $200 to $500

A “Nifty Fifty”

It’s probably not what you’re thinking, but almost every camera manufacturer produces a 50mm lens. This is a prime lens that only does one focal length. So why purchase this one? A few reasons – it’s cheap, it’s great quality, and the depth of field generally rocks. Look for the f1.8 option as they generally give the best bang for your buck. Just make sure you get a receipt in case your recipient already has one!

Canon EF 50MM F1.8 STM Lens

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50MM F1.8G Lens

Gift Card

Again, a gift card to your local camera store is ALWAYS appreciated (you know, we love gift cards too – hint hint).

A really good tripod

Have a Landscape or Night photographer enthusiast? A really good tripod is always a great Christmas gift option. Think lightweight, easy to use, easy to transport and sturdy for your purchase. A few great brands to consider include MeFoto, Benro and Manfrotto (wow they all sound remarkably similar). How to choose? A great way to choose a tripod is to head into a store, if you can spare the time. You’re looking for a lightweight tripod that is sturdy and easy to use. A quick trip online to search for tripods will result in hundreds of options, but here are a few of our choices in this price range:

Why do we like these options? Amazing quality, ease of use and (relatively) lightweight make each of these fantastic choices – but feel free to research more.

A Night Away

Purchasing your loved one a night in a beautiful location is an outstanding Christmas gift. This gives them the chance to explore anything their heart desires – hiking to waterfalls, staying up to photograph the stars, or hitting the streets for some urban-action. The best part? You can go with them too! Look for a mountain / scenic town (like Banff or Mt Tremblant) for the landscape photographer, a remote town (like Jasper with that dark sky reserve) for the astrophotographer, and a town with interesting architecture (Quebec City anyone?) for that urban explorer in your life.

Photography Courses

These again? We’ve put photography courses on here for the same reason as above. Learning to use your camera is truly the gateway to brilliant photographs and makes a phenomenal Christmas gift.

Seriously, check them out here – we have packages starting at only $34/month!

Best photography gifts under $200

Gift Card

Again, who doesn’t want a gift card to an awesome camera store! This is a great option if you know someone is looking to buy new gear (even things like a camera bag!). A photographer will always be able to put that to good use.

A Tripod

So you don’t have to spend more than $200 on a tripod. You can get some great options for less than $200 like the classic MeFoto…

MeFoto BackPacker Travel Tripod Kit


Every photographer has a photo (or two, or two hundred) that they would like to frame and display. You may not have access to their favourites, but purchasing them a frame gives them the first nudge they need to be able to display some of their favourite pieces. Consider purchasing one large frame, a set of smaller ones, or even a gift card for a canvas print!

Ikea or Michael’s are great sources for affordable frames. Check out Costco or Vistek for canvas printing options!

A Camera Bag

This one is a more personal choice, so don’t be offended if you don’t get it quite right, and be sure to keep the receipts. A camera bag is a fantastic Christmas gift for a budding photographer. Consider whether they might like a shoulder strap option or a backpack and remember accessibility is key – so make sure you choose something that has quick and easy access to the main event (their camera). And don’t forget to think outside the box. With options like these you can find a camera bag that doesn’t even look like one!

ONA Chelsea Camera Bag

Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 Shoulder Bag

Manfrotto Windsor Camera Reporter Bag


Hand or Neck Strap

Straps don’t have to be boring! Spice up their camera gear and choose them something fun and interesting for their Christmas gift this year. Hand straps are a great option for those who complain about how hot and annoying neck straps are, and you can get some amazingly fun neck straps if you’re going traditional! Etsy is a great spot for hand-made, gorgeous quality goods that will be the envy of your Christmas party.

Photography Courses

No really! Check out our Christmas Gifts – we have gift certificates starting at just $50. Every bit helps.

Got another great idea? Let us know! We’ll add it in :D.

Happy Holidays and good luck with your gift giving. We know you’re going to choose something amazing.


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