Oh Lake Ontario! How your beauty captures our hearts and how our cameras long to capture your beauty. To start off our photography tours in Burlington / Oakville we have decided to head to the most iconic location – the Lake.

In this great tour you will be able to explore the many parks and icons along the lake. Be sure to take your car and a reusable coffee mug so you can fill up on your way!

Don’t forget that if you’re struggling to capture the shots you’re really looking for, you can always join our fantastic photography courses in Burlington / Oakville. We’re here to help you and with our world-class Instructors we’ll have you taking the photographs you’ve always wanted.

A Lakeside Photographic Wander:

Location 1: Brant Street Pier & Spencer Smith Park

Start your tour at the iconic Brant Street Pier. This amazing pier located just off Spencer Smith Park on the waterfront in Burlington provides a great unique photographic view point at many times of day.

Night photography here is particularly amazing with the pier lit in different colours depending on the time of year (seriously, it’s really cool!!). Check out the different colour schemes here. Also, if you feel like you haven’t quite got the hang of Night Photography yet, this is where our Night Photography course takes place!!

While you’re in the area don’t forget to stop by the wonderful Art Gallery of Burlington to expand your creative horizons. 

Photo credit: angie_1964 – Flickr

Location 2: Paletta Lakefront Park

Next up head along to Paletta Lakefront Park for a little heritage feel. This is a beautiful lakefront park with grand, sculpted gardens and wonderful heritage buildings. This is a very popular wedding destination and who can blame them?

The grounds provide so many opportunities to explore different styles and photography themes – flowers, water, architecture… You can lose yourself here with your camera for a few hours no problem. This park is also the destination for our Digital II – Action & Composition course in the summer and you’ll love the spending a few hours here just relaxing and wandering along the various pathways.

Photo Credit: Burlington Cultural Mapping

Location 3: Windows to the Lake

On your way to our final stop in this beautiful area, make sure you’re meandering along Lakeshore drive. Take your time and drop into some of the other beautiful little “windows to the lake” such as Sioux Lookout Park and the Burloak Waterfront Park. These parks provide some wonderful photographic opportunities!

Photo Credit: Burloak Waterfront

Location 4: Bronte Harbour

Our final waterfront stop in this tour is one that adds a little more variety to the mix – Bronte Harbour. This adorable harbour is tucked in along the coastline and provides a wonderful opportunity to photograph some of the beautiful yachts and boats that call this harbour home. Take the time to also stroll around Bronte Beach Park to mix up your scenery and if the weather is nice, take a dip!

Not feeling confident about how to set up a beautiful shot in this area? Our Digital I Beginner Photography course can help get you started – we’ll teach you everything you need to know about which lens to choose for the job and why!

Thanks for reading the first of our photography tours in Burlington and Oakville! Don’t forget to check out our amazing Photography Courses as well – there is always more to learn and we can help you take your photography to the next level!

We’re always looking for inspiration for our next photography tour so if you have a favourite photography stop in or around Burlington or Oakville please let us know!!

Stay tuned for more and until next time – have fun!


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