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Learn about photography
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Learn Photography Canada offers Calgary’s premier photography courses. We offer hands-on photography classes without the classroom. We take you to incredible locations to learn photography. Check out our full range of courses for all levels of photographers. Our courses are all-inclusive without outstanding value for a photography learning experience

5 Star Experience

Learn Photography Canada has dozens of 5 star reviews backing up our wild and outlandish claims of being the best photography course in the universe.

Our students love the hands-on and interactive approach of our courses. They also love our incredible post-course support and Alumni interaction.

We are teachers first, so we have this down to an art form.

Canadian Born

Our courses were born in Canada and they’re built for Canadians. We understand winter, we understand the time constraints placed on busy people, we understand that you want results and efficiency. We understand customer service.

Award Winning Customer Service

Learn Photography Canada is a multi award winning company.

How do we do it? By offering the most exceptionally planned and tested photography course that will get you RESULTS and by backing it up with amazing ongoing support.

From the very beginning we are here to make your photography journey easy, rewarding and fun and we stick with you long after your course is done.

Meet Our Team

Your Photography Teacher-Extraordinares

We hire our photography instructors based on their talents and ability to translate their photography knowledge into simple tips for our clients.

Our Instructors are carefully trained to follow the same content and outline so you know that wherever you are taking our course, you are getting access to the same exceptional product.

So it takes 3 key elements to choosing and crafting the finest Photography Course Instructor:

Part 1: Choosing incredible photographers.

All applicants are required to submit a formal application plus a select portfolio of their professional work. No applicants make it past stage one without being vetted by our team of LPC professionals.

Part 2: Choosing incredible people.

Being a photographer is about taking incredible photographs. Being an incredible photography Instructor is about more than this. Our Instructors have to have the perfect balance of skill, professionalism and empathy. They have to be outstanding communicators with friendly, outgoing personalities and an ability to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Part 3: Training, training and more training.

After selecting photographers with the skills and the right set of attitudes, it’s then down to training. Our comprehensive training program is designed to take our photographers through the content of the course AND the structure and nuances of how the course is put together. This means that no matter where you are, you are being presented with the same amazing product.

Meet Our Instructors

Jana Rohen

Owner & Calgary Photography Course Instructor

Jana is the owner of Learn Photography Canada. She has been behind a camera for over 10 years, photographing her travels, photographing professionally, and more recently, photographing her family of little ones. The mother of two adorable kiddos (who you’ve seen on this site many times!), she is proud to say that all of the images you see here are hers and her husbands.

Jana and James started Learn Photography Canada in 2012 with the vision of becoming Canada’s premier photography course company – helping to inspire a passion for photography in all individuals from all walks of life. She believes in the power of learning – in keeping our minds supple, exploring our creativity, and discovering something new within ourselves.

She believes that Learn Photography Canada should be a safe place for beginners to explore without pressure, a place where students always feel supported, and where students can ask any and all questions they may have. She believes in providing exceptional customer service and wants every student to join the LPC family.

Check out more of her work with Wombat & Joey Photography.

James Lam

Owner & Calgary Photography Course Instructor

James is the co-owner of Learn Photography Canada. It was his vision that lead to the creation of Learn Photography Canada in 2012 and it is his passion that helps drive our success. James is an exceptional photographer and the lead photographer or Wombat & Joey Photography, a professional wedding, family and lifestyle photography company based in Calgary and operating across Alberta.

James has incredible creativity and passion and he has poured his love of photography into the creation of our courses. As a self-trained photographer, he knows what it is like to begin on a photography journey from the point of zero, and he wants to create a safe space for beginner photographers to explore this amazing hobby.

James is also the man behind our Online Course Content, so you will be seeing a lot more of him once you login to our videos after your Digital I Course!

Norm Cattoni

Calgary Photography Course Instructor

Norm Cattoni is a freelance photographer living in Airdrie, Alberta. Norm has had a passion for photography for decades, which began when he used his first Kodak Instamatic 124 to capture family events. Over the years Norm has completed photography courses from the New York Institute of Photography along with various online courses. He has also become fluent in post-processing through the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Today, Norm primarily focuses on shooting night scapes and astro, landscapes, items in motion (water, grass, trees, clouds, etc.) and antique vehicles plus other subjects using his Canon DSLR. Norm also loves the challenge of photographing sporting events. Over the years, he has captured several events through the Alberta Games, such as baseball, kayaking, beach volleyball, BMX, and mountain bike racing. He has been recognized for his photo submissions in PhotoLife Magazine.

With the advancements in digital photography, complex equipment is now accessible to almost everyone. Norm became part of Learning Photography Canada in order to share his knowledge and love of the art of shooting pictures. He feels that every person should have the opportunity to understand their camera and have the ability to shoot their best photo every time.


Norm loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, Flash & Indoor, Macro & Night Photography

Jorge Luis Yrigoyen

Calgary Photography Course Instructor

A self described photography punk, Jorge’s photography style is as unique as it is interesting. His incredible wealth of knowledge and skill make him one of LPC’s very best Instructors.

Jorge loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, People, Lightroom & Night Photography

Dillon Lowen

Calgary Photography Course Instructor

Dillon is a long time, self taught hobbyist who’s been fortunate enough to take his photography to the next level. He started shooting professional lifestyle and adventure photos and now his primary focus is on product photography and still life. He believes that photography is an art that demands a generalist practitioner, which makes it extremely accessible. He has a great passion for sharing his love of photography with the world!

Dillon loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, People, Lightroom, Macro, Studio & Lightroom II

David Benjatschek

Calgary Photography Course Instructor

David is an engaging and creative photography professional. His photography spans a wide range of interests and subjects: Wedding, Portrait, Big Rig Trucks & Commercial shoots for companies like Shell. The common denominator is people. David’s passion for photography comes from the stories it helps tell.

He has his photography diploma from SAIT.


David loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, People, Lightroom, Night, Flash & Indoor, Weddings, Macro, Studio, Business Skills  & Lightroom II

Eric Hlookoff

Edmonton Instructor

When it comes to photography, the only thing Eric loves more than taking pictures is helping others learn to take and make great ones for themselves. Eric’s a big kid at heart who loves to laugh, is curious about everything, and constantly wondering where he left he truck keys.


Eric loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Lightroom, People & Night.

Brian Lam

Edmonton Photography Course Instructor

Brian is an adventurer at heart, everything from exploring the outdoors, travelling, camping, racing motorcycles and climbing mountains captures his curiosity. He loves to capture the world around him from concerts to landscapes and sports.


Brian loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, People & Night

Details on our fantastic new Instructors will be here soon!

Chris Alexander

Burlington / Mississauga / GTA Photography Course Instructor

Chris Alexander is a media specialist from Cambridge, Ontario. Chris‘ biggest passion in life is trying to create moving, and inspiring art, allowing people to see the world from his perspective. He is passionate about all forms of photography, and loves sharing his knowledge with photography enthusiasts!

Chris loves to teach: Everything!

Fahad Nagi

Mississauga Photography Course Instructor

Fahad is a professional engineer who fell in love with photography. He sees everything around him as a masterpiece of nature in its own league. From the intricate details of colors, to contrasts of proportion and fine details of chromatic shades, every detail is noticed and captured. 

Fahad’s aim is to capture moments that otherwise escape within fractions, and preserve them in everlasting memory. He believe that every person is beautified not only by physical appearance but also with the magic of emotion. He uses my camera to express what would not have been possible otherwise. His camera looks deep into his partners’ spirit and reflects the magnificence of every image.

Fahad loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, People, Night, Lightroom & Flash & Indoor

Gillian Gillespie

Burlington Photography Course Instructor

Gillian is one of the GTA’s best wedding photographers. Having built a successful wedding photography business over the past 7 years, Gillian’s passion for photography clearly shows. She has a wonderful energy for the business and is so excited to meet up and coming photography enthusiasts and help show them what a wonderful craft photography can be.

Gillian loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, People, Flash & Indoor, Lightroom & Weddings

Josh Horsley

Burlington / Mississauga / GTA Photography Course Instructor

Josh is a photographer and videographer based out of Cambridge, Ontario. He attended Conestoga College for Journalism and Television Broadcasting to pursue his passion for visual storytelling. He loves making people laugh and has a laid-back attitude that makes him a wonderful teacher. He loves learning new things and reaching outside of his comfort zone – and he can’t wait to help you explore a new passion as well!

Josh loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Night, Lightroom, People, Flash & Indoor & Weddings

Ali Sultani

Burlington / Mississauga / GTA Photography Course Instructor

Ali is a journalist by profession with a passion for visual storytelling. Trained as a photographer from schools such as Conestga, Humber & Sheridan, Ali now spends his time training new students in the art of visual storytelling in his home city of Mississauga. Ali is a passionate photographer and a world-class teacher. He is well loved by his students and is a wonderful asset to the LPC team! Be sure to check out more of his work.

Ali loves to teach: Everything!

Evan Eisenstadt

Mississauga Photography Course Instructor

Toronto – based photographer Evan Eisenstadt specializes in headshots, weddings and portraiture.

A BFA graduate of NSCAD University (2008) in Halifax, he gained valuable work experience in Nova Scotia’s film industry at the Atlantic Film Festival and William F. Whites.

Moving to Toronto in 2009, Evan continued to work in film and TV as an IATSE member (Flashpoint, CTV), (The Best Years, Global) and (The Latest Buzz, YTV) and, was also involved as an independent filmmaker while studying acting and film making.

In 2012, he opened his first portrait studio in Vancouver’s Historic Gastown, working with top talent agencies (Wilhelmina) and (Inspirational Talent). He also handled many photography assignments for a number of high-profile B.C. Realtors (Royal Lepage Real Estate – Kelowna) and (Vantage West – Kelowna).

Evan’s shooting philosophy is based on objectivity, where beautiful images come from honesty. Powerful images are formed when the internal is valued more than the external, the microcosm over the macrocosm. Photography is often used as a form of manipulation, however, power is captured through truth.

Evan loves to teach: Everything!

Saharsh Cherian

Burlington Photography Course Instructor

Saharsh has been behind the camera for the past 10 years with a focus on landscapes and city photography, eventually moving into weddings and portraiture. His work can be seen hanging in some of the finest hotels in the world.

Saharsh loves to teach: Digital I, Digital II, Digital III, People, Night, Lightroom & Weddings

Samantha Cunningham

Ottawa Photography Course Instructor

Samantha is a well-rounded photographer, but her style is rooted in conceptual photography. Photoshop is one of her best tools. When she’s not editing pictures, you can find her curled up on the couch with some tea or shamelessly out playing Pokemon GO.


Samantha loves to teach: Everything!

Details on our fantastic new Instructors will be here soon!

Donna Koch

Kelowna Photography Course Instructor

Donna loves all things outdoors and sharing her adventures through her lens.  Born and raised in the Okanagan, she has over 20 years’ specializing in capturing life’s very special moments.  As a self-prescribed adventure seeker, she spends her summers firefighting, after several years in the corporate world managing and mentoring teams and leaders.

Donna has a deep passion for photography and teaching.  She is especially grateful to be able to share her experience and knowledge in both leadership development and the art of photography.

Donna loves to teach: Everything!


Read more about what our students are saying!



I have no previous camera or photography experience other than my cellphone, and decided to take the digital 1 course to learn the basics. The course was a great mix between text book and hands on. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The attention to care and customer service before, during and after was also phenomenal, Jana was super awesome to deal with. I highly recommend Learn Photography to anyone who is interested in getting more out of their camera as well as elevate their knowledge in photography.



Fantastic Course! The digital l course was in Canmore with stunning scenery and tons of areas to take amazing photos. The instructor was very knowledgable, personable and took the time to walk you through all of the instructions. I loved the course so much I signed up for digital ll and lightroom. I would highly recommend this course to others that are just starting out or would like a refresher. Thanks Jana and team.



I recently took a Digital 1 course as I am truly a beginner in the field of photography. The groups are max 10 people (only 3 on my course) easy for the instructor to do one on one. My Instructor, Stacey made it really easy to understand my camera & I walked away with confidence in using my canon rebel t5i. I really enjoyed how we were constantly using our cameras throughout the day. My only disappointment was that lesson 2 was cancelled due to the weather. The Instructors are also available via e-mail if you have any questions or need to remember a technique after class is over. This company offers many different photography courses of all levels. I have already recommended this company to my friends. I look forward to future courses as my skill progresses.



I have taken almost all the courses offered and I love everything I have learned. The instructors are amazing and help with so much. Classes are organized and it is great to meet other photographers along the way. I highly recommend taking a class or more with Learn Photography Canada.



Learn Photography Canada is AMAZING!!!! I have learnt so much through them! Amazing instructors and hands on! I would highly recommend them!!



Just finished my beginners level 1 and it was great. I learned so much and Jana was so knowledgable and friendly! Looking forward to more courses!!



Took my Level 1 Digital course today and I can't say enough great things about it!!! Jana made it so easy to understand everything, even for an absolute novice like me, and gave me plenty of opportunity to practise each new skill as it was taught. Having the class at Heritage Park gave lots of opportunity to try a variety of subject matter to shoot - cars, Christmas decor, and even one another. (I promise to delete those, Jana!) Going to look for lots of time during this week to practise all the new tricks on my own because Level 2 is next week at the zoo and I can hardly wait!! Only got Levels 1 & 2 as my birthday present but I'm thinking I'll be asking Santa for even more lessons for Christmas!!



Great courses, I've done three now, and can't wait until my next one. Empowering, you will never leave your camera on Auto again. Great instructors and venues. So much individual attention.



These guys are awesome! I took 5 courses including Digital I, Digital II, Night, Portrait and Lightroom classes with Jana, James and Glynnis last year. So much tips and information up their sleeves! After the classes I'm much more confident with creating the photographs I want instead of just snapping at everything at sight.



If you haven't checked out Learn Photography Canada, do so, now! They're all about the experience, your experience. I took one of their classes, and one of the things I loved about it was watching the other participants go from being hesitant about their camera skills, or lack thereof, and moving to confidence by the end of the day. The instructors have vast knowledge and share it in a way that is non-intimidating and fun! At the end of the course everyone was excited with the photos they were now getting and could hardly wait to get out and practice their new found skills and knowledge. Thank you Learn Photography Canada, you rock.

Award Winning Customer Service & Experiences

You don't want to just take it from us, so here are some of the awards Learn Photography Canada has received. We're good - consistently good, and other people know it too.

Travel & Hospitality Award Winner Logo
Travel & Hospitality Awards: Local Experience of the Year 2018 & 2019
Calgary Chamber of Commerce: Customer Service Award Finalist 2017
Calgary Chamber of Commerce: Customer Service Award Finalist 2016

Locations Across Canada ??

Learn Photography Canada has locations all across Canada. We want to spread the fun and learning all across the country.


Night - 1






Light painted circles in front of European style building photographed at night






Aerial view of Burlington waterfront and downtown



Street view of Oakville downtown with store fronts



Aerial view of Mississauga cityscape at sunrise















Aerial view of Ottawa city scape at sunset






Boats at pier with golden trees along waterfront at sunset


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