Advanced Photography Courses

Take your skills to the next level

Lightroom II

This course is designed for our students who have taken our Lightroom Photo-Editing course and are looking for more! We will teach you even more organizing techniques as well as some incredible editing tips and tricks that will save you time and help with editing your photos.

Please note: This course is not more “advanced” than our Lightroom course – it is designed as an extension to our Lightroom course. This means that we don’t expect you to have hours of editing experience, just that you’ve taken our first Lightroom course (so we know what you already know!!)

Calgary: Location, Times & Available Dates

Lightroom II Course Dates

Time:  6pm – 9pm on just one day

Location:  Learn Photography Canada’s Home Studio in Evanston.


Thu. Mar 7

Thu. Jun 13


Cost for Lightroom II course:


Flash & Indoor Photography

This course is an ESSENTIAL course to add to your repertoire of photography skills, and will establish your skills in challenging lighting situations. We will teach you how to master the use of natural light and how to subtly and elegantly incorporate external lighting sources to enhance your photos without destroying ambience. We will talk equipment and get you set up with a list of everything you will need (without breaking the bank!) to create your own spectacular indoor portrait photos.

This course is designed for anyone and everyone – knowing how to use your flash & adapt to indoor lighting situations is an amazing skill for all photographers to know!

Calgary: Location, Times & Available Dates

Flash & Indoor Photography Course Dates

Time:  6pm – 9pm on just one day

Location:  ActionEdge Business Coaching Offices: 1835 20 Ave NW, Calgary


Thu. Feb 21

Thu. May 9

Cost for Flash & Indoor Photography course:


Studio Photography

Already have a home studio, or looking to set one of your own up? This 3 hour Private Tuition is ideal for you. We will come to your abode and teach you how to set up your studio, keeping budget and quality in mind. Learn about how to set you own equipment up or rent equipment for us for the duration of the session. This 3 hour Private will help you get your own home Studio in tip-top shape.

Calgary: Location, Times & Available Dates

Studio Photography

Time:  3 Hours

Location:  We come to you!

This Workshop is setup as a 3 hour Private Tuition. We will send an Instructor to your house to help you setup your very own home Studio or teach you more about the Studio that you have setup already. You can choose to rent studio equipment from us for the duration of the workshop if you don’t yet have your own. Book your course and then contact us to arrange for a time that is convenient for you.

Cost for Studio Photography course:



The night sky is already a sight to behold. Few things are so wondrous and unexplained as the Universe. It seems that way with Astrophotography as well. Let us help you demystify shooting the night sky and join us for this incredible 4 hour excursion.

Please note that this course is VERY weather (in particular, cloud) dependant, and you may need to be rescheduled if your chosen date is cloudy. Rest assured, we will figure something out (we always do!).

Calgary: Location, Times & Available Dates

Astrophotography Course Dates

Time:  9:30pm – 12:00am

Location:  Forgetmenot Pond in Kananaskis


Fri. Feb 15

Fri. May 10

Cost for People course:


Macro Photography

Would you like to experience an intriguing world of photography? Try our Macro photography course, we delve into the inner world of flowers, weeds, leaves, insects and water from a unique and exciting perspective. There’s a reason macro photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. It can be done anywhere, its fun and rewarding.

Calgary: Location, Times & Available Dates

Macro Photography Course Dates

Time:  1pm – 4pm on just one day

Location:  Riley Park (April – October), Calgary Zoo (October – April)


Sun. Feb 10

Sun. May 19

Cost for Macro course:


Business Skills for Photographers

Ok so you’ve got your photography skills going now and your shots are turning out to be just beautiful – congratulations! This course is all about how to monetize this fantastic skill by starting your own photography business. We will present to you a suite of tools to help open, run and grow your business. In this three hour workshop we will take a quick look at: key elements required to open your business, tools that you can use for starting a website & accepting payments, managing costs, estimating revenues, and marketing.

Calgary: Location, Times & Available Dates

Business Skills Course Date Options

Time:  6pm-9pm

Location:  TBA.


Thu. Mar 14

Thu. Jun 6

Cost for Macro course:


Wedding Photography

Get ready for the professional world of Wedding Photography with this incredible and hands-on two day workshop. Day one will cover the ins and outs of preparing and shooting on the day. Day two will cover managing and editing your photos post-production. Create a streamlined and efficient workflow to both take incredible photos and maximize your potential profits!

1-Day Course (Calgary only): Times & Available Dates

Weddings Workshop Part 1 ONLY

Time:  9am to 5pm on SATURDAY ONLY

Location:  TBA

Our next course is Saturday, 23rd March, 2019

2-Day Course (Calgary only): Times & Available Dates

Weddings Workshop Parts 1 & 2

Time:  9am to 5pm on both days

Location:  TBA

Our next course is Saturday, 23rd March & Sunday, 24th March 2019